General assists hosts and guests connecting for Shabbat. In order to properly allow a guest to find a home for Shabbat, provides a close approximation of the Host's location. never displays any guest's or host's address or phone number.
Experiencing all the rich and immersive features of on a mobile device is best accomplished by installing our mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The mobile site is fully supported but experience better on the app! maintains an active issue tracker on Github. All you need to do to submit issues is have a github (its free) account. Posting issues allows you to be notified when the issue becomes resolved. Please be detailed in mentioning the error or bug. is the brainchild of Rabbi Benzion Klatzko. It's mission is to enable and fosture enduring connections within the Jewish People. Whether it's a life partner, a guest to invite, a loving family sought for Shabbat hosting, or simply a new connection - endevours to facilitate global kindness.
You can contribute on a one-time or ongoing basis. is a registered 501c3 non profit Corporation. All donations are therefore tax deductible. Navigate to our donate page. doesn't actively find and locate hosting possibilities. The site serves as a platform enabling guests and hosts to connect. You must be a member of to locate hosts and request Shabbat placement. Navigate to and click on ‘Join Now’ in the top right corner or center of the screen. Once you are a member – you can search by different location parameters (such as city, zip code, proximity, etc) and see Hosts that you can view their profiles. On profile pages is a ‘Host Me’ button that allows you to initiate a Host request.

Alternatively, you can download our app in the apple app store or google play. Follow the registration prompts on the screen and search for hosts in the top search bar located on every view in the app. You can tap the menu icon (in search screen) and activate Gps device based proximity searches and more.

Any member that you are not comfortable with can be blocked. If you block another member they cannot:

  • message you
  • invite or request hosting
  • friend you

Note: All previous messages and invites disappear automatically on the site.

To block a member on the website, here are 4 ways to initiate it:

  • Navigate to their profile, click on the 'About; tab (under the cover image in the center of the page). Then click on ‘Member Blocking’ and click on the ‘block’ button.

  • Click on the ‘Gear’ icon menu item in the header of any inner page (on the left). This opens the 'Privacy and Availability' settings menu. Click on the item that says ‘Stop someone from bothering me’. There you can type the name of the member you wish to block and eventually block them.

  • On any conversation in your messages page, there is a settings menu (identified by a ‘gear’ icon). There is a menu option for blocking the member in your conversation. This option is helpful in case someone messages you and upon receiving their message you wish to immediately block them.

  • Any invite email, friend email, or message email contains a prominent link to take action and block the member.

In your 'Privacy and Availability' settings you can specify that you don't want to be contacted. In the header menu area on the far right, click on the 'gear' icon. The first menu item is 'Who can message me?'. There you have multiple options for being messaged. The app contains the same possibilities. On your home screen, swipe to the right. Select 'Privacy Shortcuts'.
Sometimes the Facebook-Shabbat authentication pipeline becomes broken over time for some users. This is ususally due to settings changes a User initiates in his/her Facebook account. Here's what you can do. Navigate to reset password. There you can recover a temporary password that you can login to with. You retrieve it by entering the email address associated to your Facebook account that was you login at the time you logged into with Facebook. If you have since changed your primary Facebook email address or do not recall it, Contact admin. Once logged in, make sure to change your password in your account settings. Finally, you can contact us requesting we remove the facebook authentication record on and you can try reinitiating a Facebook login connection.
Email change is located in your 'Edit Profile' section. Navigate to your profile by clicking on your name in the header of the page on the left side. On your profile page there are menu items under your cover picture. Click on 'Edit Profile'. On the left side of the page, click on 'Account Settings'.
Account suspend and delete actions are located in your advanced settings page. Note this is only available on the website and not yet on the app. Navigate to your profile by clicking on your name in the header of the page on the left side. On your profile page there are menu items under your cover picture. Click on 'Edit Profile'. On the left side of the page, click on 'Account Settings'. Select 'Advanced Settings' on the screen under the 'Delete Account' section.