About Shabbat.com

Shabbat.com is the world’s largest Jewish social network! Perfect for business travelers, backpackers, students abroad, and those looking for a warm, home cooked meal. Shabbat.com allows members to connect and meet in a safe and friendly environment.

Through its easy-to-use interface, members can host or be hosted on Shabbat and Jewish holidays (or any other time during the year) for meals and lodging. Shabbat.com members can be found in over 6000 cities and 133 countries looking to connect with you! Shabbat times are available on every member’s homepage as well.

Shabbat.com also has a free dating section with unique and cutting-edge matchmaking features, dating profiles, and a suite of filters, allowing Jewish singles to meet their soul mates!

Building friendships and strengthening your Jewish community is Shabbat.com’s mission. You can upload status updates, pictures, and videos (just like on Facebook) and share part of yourself with the world.

Shabbat.com also features a Jewish Job Board with fresh employment opportunities uploaded daily. (To quote the Bible: “Six day a week you should work… and the seventh day you should rest”). Shabbat.com is a great way to meet people, network in your profession, and make lifelong friends.

Members of Shabbat.com also have access to rich Jewish learning materials on the weekly Torah portion, Jewish wisdom, Kabbalah, biblical insights and more! Create a Shabbat.com account to gain instant access to all these amazing features and be the first to receive important Jewish news and updates within your community and around the world!